Insurance & Investment Services

This service is provided by Fincor Select CC as per our Service Level Agreement. Fincor Select CC is a Licensed Financial Service Provider No: 36046

Fincor Select CC is an accredited financial advisor with Old Mutual, Old Mutual Corporate, Old Mutual International and Sanlam Trust (for estates and wills), and offers the following services:

Analysing and evaluation of the insurance and investment portfolio of the client, with written and signed mandate and client service agreement and disclosure to act on behalf of the client and gather all relevant information.

Based on a full financial needs analysis as required by legislation, Fincor Select CC provides life, disability and funeral insurance, including advice on these products and continuous and regular (annually) feedback and updates.

Providing Endowment insurance/Unit trust Investments for short to medium term investments.

Setting up and managing the administration of a provident/pension fund for the business owner and employees via Old Mutual Superfund.

Retirement planning in respect of a client’s retirement income in order to maintain his lifestyle and capital needs.

Advice in respect of asset management, investments, funds and investment vehicles via Old Mutual Wealth. Include monthly feedback and reports on the state of investment portfolios.

Estate planning to structure a client’s money matters in respect of his will, property, trusts insurance income and estate duty, including the drafting of a Will and Last Testament with the support of Sanlam Trust.

If needed and required offshore investments via Old Mutual International.


Fincor Select CC is aligned with the latest updated legislative environment and has implemented a financial and investment planning process based on the 8 pillars of the TCF (Treat Clients Fairly) principle.

TCF has the following main objectives:

1) Client First:

Place the client’s interest first. This is the hallmark of professionalism, requiring Employees to act honestly and not place personal and/or Employer gain or advantage, economic or otherwise, before the client’s interest.

2) Integrity:

Provide professional services with integrity. Integrity requires honesty, candour, fair dealing and truthfulness in all professional matters. Employees are placed in a position of trust by clients and the ultimate foundation of that trust is their personal integrity.

3) Objectivity:

Provide objective professional services. Objectivity requires intellectual honesty and impartiality. Objectivity requires employees to ensure the integrity of their work, manage conflict and exercise sound professional judgment.

4) Fairness:

Be fair and reasonable in all professional relationships. Disclose and manage conflicts of interest. Fairness requires providing clients with their due, whatever they are owed or may expect from a professional relationship and includes honesty and disclosure of material conflicts of interest.

5) Professionalism:

Act in a manner that demonstrates exemplary professional conduct. Professionalism requires behaving with dignity, showing respect and courtesy to clients, and to comply with appropriate rules, regulations and professional requirements.

6) Competence:

Maintain the abilities, skills and knowledge necessary to provide competent professional services. Competence requires attaining and maintaining and adequate level of knowledge, skills land abilities in the performance of professional services.

7) Confidentiality:

Protect the confidentiality of all client information. Confidentiality requires client information to be protected and maintained in such a way that access is only allowed to those who are authorised or entitled, according to the law.

8) Diligence:

Provide professional services diligently. Diligence requires fulfilling professional commitments promptly and thoroughly, and taking due care when planning supervising and delivering professional services.